4th Generation

Dissipation: 2010 – “Now”

It is apparent that the strength that built the industry has dissipated. While there is still growth, networkers are struggling with their businesses. Social Media and Personal Growth created hurdles where previously they were strengths.

4th Generation Transcript

Taylor:Let’s talk about generation fourth. 
Larry:Generation fourth is total dissipation. Where the core values completely go away, that started in 2010 to where we are today, where the core values are gone. Everything is now focused on the techniques of how good you are on social media, and how good you are with your, have you ever seen how many coaches and mentors are out there today? I think there’s more coaches and mentors than there are multi level distributors. It’s absolutely amazing. Why? They want to teach you their special technique. Here’s the deal about techniques. Social media is a technique. How you use Facebook live is a technique. Where to go, what to do, and what to say, love it, love, it, love it. Use it. 
 However, whatever you’re using today in social media, six months ago you weren’t using it that way or at all. Six months and a year from today, what you’re using today, it’ll be different. Tie that stuff into the fundamentals. Throw, catch, hit, run and the strategic way you tie all of this together. Everyone says work from promotion to promotion, event to event. Great. I coined that phrase, that’s mine. However, it got distorted. Why? Because people were relying on events and an event has nothing to do with it, it’s a result of something to sell and something to buy that people don’t teach today and people don’t understand. Anyway, I don’t want to get off track. 
Taylor:Well, I mean, I don’t want dissipation to come across as a completely negative. Word, I mean it is wherever you really think about it, but I really want to hone in on why it’s so important to recognize this part. Because the dissipation, whenever you have people that are having success in our industry and having great success using all the tools and everything that they have available to them, we find across the board whenever we’re traveling and we’re working with people, that it’s typically in the five and fifteen percent. For us, why we wanted to put this LT Wealth Building Academy was for you. For the 80 percenters, what we call the 80 percenters. The everyday person, the construction worker, the stay at home mom. You don’t have to have any of those special skills, and you don’t have to learn any special technique. 
 If we can grow you, and we can grow how you see you, that those skills and those leadership qualities can come in and rebuild back to the core values. That’s our goal because in this dissipation process, we’ve seen a lot of people gone by the wayside, that maybe have lost their faith in believing in what this industry and this professional was originally built on. It was originally built for the person who wanted to make that extra $500 to $1,000 a month. As a side business, as a plan B, as a way for them to have the extras for their family. That is what we’ve seen over the last several years. For Larry and I, our goal was to, “Okay, can we help the everyday person like us?” That is Tish, the lady truck driver and these ordinary people, these regular people who’ve been left on the wayside, if you will. Can we teach and work with them? Can we help them? That was really our goal bringing to the Wealth Building Academy. 
Larry:In dissipation. I got to go back to Jensen Franklin, remember the young man, it’s been a while ago, but Jensen Franklin, a young minister I saw on TV that said about the four generations of a spiritual awakening and the four generations of network marketing, as we’re calling it. He said, “The only way when you find yourself in generation four.” And he said, “You always will.” He said, “The only way to change it, is you got to go back and establish the core values again and start over with a new generation of core values.” And he says, “And guess what, it will follow, history will show generation one, generation two, etc.” 
 That’s why we’re doing this. That’s the motivation we have for the LT Academy, is to help get this thing back to generation one, of the core values, using all the advantages that we have today. Why would I, in the ’60s, not use a cell phone if it was available? Why would I not use the internet if it was available? Of course we would use it, of course we would do that. And so yes, we’re after the 80 percenters, but what we’re wanting, what we need is the people that are the five percenters and the fifteen percenters that are out there, that say, “Wait a minute, if that will work for my 80 percenters, I want that for my team.” You’re the boss of your team. You want to be coach and you want to be mentor, listen. We know how to get that job done with this. I don’t know, if you’re looking for a magic bullet, I don’t have it. If you’re looking for magic skills, we got it. We got it. 
 Things that work every time, working for 50 years, still working today. I’m telling you, we got a lot of, I got a lot of life left in me, I got my baby here that’s going to be here carrying on this flag long after I’m gone. Let me tell you right now, I promise you that if we can do this, you can do this. I promise you, that if you’ll take a chance on yourself, I don’t care if you’re new, I don’t care if you’re making six or seven figures a year. I promise you, this will be the greatest thing that ever happened because if we’re in dissipation, guess what? If you’re up there at that six, seven figures a year, guess what? You’re going to keep that money, but what about the people on your team? Why not get in front of the curve? Why not get in front of the wave? Why not be the next leader instead of the past leader? 
Taylor:Absolutely. So we want to just thank you guys for being one with us, I hope you got some value out of this today. I hope you took some notes. I hope you take time to go back and really metabolize this and understand why, what this means to you, what this means to you and your business of having a true understanding of what this looks like. We look forward to working with you with Wealth Building Academy. 
Larry:Yeah. Welcome, you’re watching this, guess what? You’re an Academy member already. You don’t get to see this on the streets, this is for you. 
Taylor:We’ll see you guys later. 
Larry:Bye bye.