4 Generations
of Network Marketing

The 4 Generations of Network Marketing

The 1979 Amway ruling by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is when Multi-Level Marketing was officially recognized by the US government as a legitimate business. Multi-Level Marketing is also referred to as Network Marketing and Direct Sales. Herbalife launched in 1980, and by smartly identifying the language and behavior of their target audience, proceeded to build a dynasty built on core values and amplified by rapid duplication.

Since 1980, four distinct “generations” have evolved that shaped the industry.

  • 1st Generation: 1980 to 1990 built on core values, which are the foundation of Millionaire Training
  • 2nd Generation: 1990 to 2000 was a period of rapid growth built on those core values
  • 3rd Generation: 2000 to 2010 was a time of speculation. Core values are waning while speculations on compensation plans and other factors become the prime focus
  • 4th Generation: 2010 to “Now” is a period of dissipation. Total industry sales dip for the first time ever around 2015-2016 as the Gig Economy shifts into overdrive.