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Learn How to Build Your Network Marketing Business
Grow You. Grow Your Team. Grow Your Check.

The LT WealthBuilding Academy provides a modern learning/teaching environment in order to inspire today’s networker to become the future leader of tomorrow’s network marketing industry.

This industry was built by average people such as moms, truck drivers, waitresses, carpet cleaners who were taught core fundamentals and the half-a-dozen keys to success.

The LT WealthBuilding Academy teaches the basic core fundamentals so that you can blend them with today’s technology. It provides you an almost unfair advantage! You owe it to yourself to learn more about “WealthBuilding” with Larry and Taylor!


For Things to Change - You Need to Change

Grow You

The LT WealthBuilding Academy provides you a fun and safe environment to learn the fundamental skills and psychology to become a successful network marketer, no matter what company or product you promote.

Grow Your Team

Learn how to attract the people you seek. Learn how to manage their expectations and help them achieve their goals. Become a better leader that people want to follow. Know how to use and leverage the core values that builds great teams!

Grow Your Check!

The natural result of properly aligning you and your team with the tried and true core values that builds strong and motivated teams is your check. you are the master of your destiny – you can influence and control your destiny, and your success.

What is WealthBuilding?

WealthBuilding starts with developing your mindset with Mindset Manifestation. Larry and Taylor share their personal stories going back to the “early” days. 

They illuminate the Four Generations of the Network Marketing Industry. Learn “how we got to here” and what you need to do to move forward as a leader and winner in your business.

Millionaire Training 2.0 is where the rubber really meets the road! There are only half-a-dozen things you need to know to succeed in Network Marketing – however you REALLY need to be aware and control them. 

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More about the LT WealthBuilding Academy Experience

Here is where you finally get to have your very own mentors in network marketing who have been where you are and have built multi-million dollar organizations.  Bring your successes and your challenges to the table where you get to fix and refine your skills weekly under the tutelege of the best in the industry.  Plus, you get 24/7 access to all of the multi-media training, 24/7 access to our private Facebook groups , LIVE webinars, zoom meetings, and even the occasional conference-call.

More "free" content to get your mind aligned with success!

Is Your GPS Programmed for Success?

  Is Your GPS Dialed In for Success? Pick Your Destination! Without a destination in mind, there is no telling where the road to life will take you. Your mind has amazing faculties to help you get what you desire – use this to get on track, and stay on track to achieve the results

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What Is Your Job Description?

  Consider Your “Job Description” Carefully Make your mindset work for you, starting today! Congratulations, you are your own boss… So how’s that working out for you?  When you’re self-employed, you need to take a different perspective on what your job description really is to reach your full potential.

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Navigating Speed Bumps In Your Life

  Navigating Speedbumps in Your Life Speedbumps are a fact of life – plan ahead for them! There is no avoiding the speedbumps that life throws in front of us. How do you handle them?  Take some hints from Larry and Taylor as they discuss how to handle these everyday occurrences.

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Network Marketing’s 1st Generation

The Four Generations of Network Marketing SELECT YOUR LANGUAGE Generation 1 1960 – 1980 CORE VALUES The first generation was built on the core values that launched the the largest companies in the industry. These core values are the basis and foundation for the Millionaire Training Series. The cornerstone of this 1st Generation was self-responsibility.

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Network Marketing’s 2nd Generation

The Four Generations of Network Marketing SELECT YOUR LANGUAGE Generation 2 1980 – 1990 Growth Period The second generation was a period of rapid growth created by the strength of the core values and skills  developed and refined during the first generation.  The foundation of this 2nd Generation was motivation. Back to Main Page Generation 2

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Network Marketing’s 3rd Generation

The Four Generations of Network Marketing SELECT YOUR LANGUAGE Generation 3 1990 – 2010 SPECULATION The third generation started to swing away from the core values and fundamentals known to work as speculation on compensation plans and other factors start affecting the  marketplace. Back to Main Page Generation 3 Transcript Larry: Now we find ourselves in a 1990

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Network Marketing’s 4th Generation

The Four Generations of Network Marketing SELECT YOUR LANGUAGE Generation 4 2010 to “now” Dissapation It has become apparent that the strength that built the industry has dissipated. While there is still growth, networkers are struggling with their business. Social Media and Personal Growth have become hurdles, where previously they were strengths. Your WIN is

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