Learn How to Build

Your Network Marketing Business
in the New Gig Economy!

Grow You. Grow Your Team. Grow Your Check.

Videos available with SPANISH and GERMAN captions!

The LT WealthBuilding Academy provides a modern learning/teaching environment in order to inspire today’s networker to become the future leader of tomorrow’s network marketing industry.

This industry was built by average people such as moms, truck drivers, waitresses, carpet cleaners who were taught core fundamentals and the half-a-dozen keys to success.

The LT WealthBuilding Academy teaches the basic core fundamentals so that you can blend them with today’s technology. It provides you with an almost unfair advantage! You owe it to yourself to learn more about “WealthBuilding” with Larry and Taylor!

For Things to Change –
YOU Need to Change

Grow You

The LT WealthBuilding Academy provides you with a fun and safe environment to learn the fundamental skills and psychology to become a successful network marketer, no matter what company or product you promote.

Grow Your Team

Learn how to attract the people you seek. Learn how to manage their expectations and help them achieve their goals. Become a better leader that people want to follow. Know how to use and leverage the core values that build great teams!

Grow Your Check!

The natural result of properly aligning you and your team with the tried and true core values that builds strong and motivated teams is your check. you are the master of your destiny – you can influence and control your destiny, and your success.

For Things to Get Better – YOU Need to Get Better!

What Is WealthBuilding?

WealthBuilding is a state of readiness and confidence in yourself that happens when you start nurturing a winning mindset with the relevant skills you’ve acquired to successfully employ yourself as a gig worker for any company, anywhere on the planet.

There is no better pair to teach and support you than Larry and Taylor Thompson.

Taylor and Larry Thompson – Your Online Upline

More about the LT WealthBuilding Academy Experience

Isn’t it time for you to get the coaching, training, and mentoring you need to be a player in the network marketing industry? Larry and Taylor Thompson have been where you as the long-haired hippie construction worker and the stay-at-home-mom. They’ve also built and influenced dozens of multi-million dollar organizations and two multi-billion dollar companies as well.  Let’s get you situated for success, and refine your skills under the weekly tutelage of two of the best in the industry.  Of course, you get full access to all of the multi-media training, 24/7 access to our private Facebook groups, LIVE events, and Zoom meetings.